Hocus, Pocus, Focus Aromatherapy Spell Spray - The Clean Witch - 2.7 Oz

Hocus, Pocus, Focus Aromatherapy Spell Spray - 2.7 Oz by The Clean Witch

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A magical mixture of bergamot, rosemary & mint awakens your mind, sustains focus & benefits memory; rosemary is for remembrance.

Tip: Spray in office, prior to studying or in space for homework to support concentration.

The Clean Witch collection of 11 Spell Sprays is a bewitching mixture of 100% pure essential oils & distilled water. The Clean Witch insists on transparency, zero synthetic fragrances or harmful chemicals. The Clean Witch vanquished toxic emulsifiers. Shake your Spell Sprays before spraying. This is aromatherapy for your home & wellbeing. Spritz Joy!

Our Sprays Don't Contain

NO! Synthetic Fragrances
NO! Formaldehyde
NO! Alcohol
NO! Phthalates
NO! Parabens
NO! Heavy Metals
NO! Aerosol

Absolutely Zero Negativity

Ingredients : distilled water, pure essential oils bergamot, mint, rosemary. 

Size : 2.7 Oz