Organic Roses in the Park - Cold Brew Tea by KC Tea Co. - 1.4 Oz

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A treasure to our city is the the Rose Garden of Loose Park. This tea is a tribute to the beauty, and the fragrance of the rose garden and to those who have maintained it for over 80 years. This adored spot allows everyone from the casual jogger to the bride to be to pause for a minute and take it all in.

Rose hips may reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, relieve respiratory conditions, prevent cancer, lower cholesterol, manage diabetes, increase urination, regulate digestion, boost the immune system, increase circulation, and help in building stronger bones.

Hibiscus may lower blood pressure, support healthy triglycerides & cholesterol, lower blood sugar, combat obesity, and a natural antidepressant. *If you are pregnant or nursing do not consume hibiscus products.


How To Make the Perfect Cold Brew Tea:

Step 1: Measure Tea to your liking. Recommended 1-2 tsp. per 10-12 oz cup or 3 Tbsp per 1 quart.

Step 2: Refrigerate for 4-8 hours. White/Green: 4 hours, Oolong/Black: 8 hours or for stronger flavored tea. 

Step 3: Strain leaves & Enjoy!


Ingredients : strawberry, hibiscus, rose hips, black currant, rose petals, orange peel, apple pieces.

Caffeine Free : Yes

Country of Origin : USA