Stainless Steel 2.1 inch Mesh Tea Infuser

Tea Infuser by KC Tea Co.

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This stainless steel, anti-rust tea infuser ball is infuser is a perfect for consuming a single cup of tea at a time.  Simply add 1 tsp of loose tea per 6 oz cup of tea, securely close the basket with the tea inside, place the ball in your cup and attach the hook to the side. Pour hot water over and let steep for the allotted time based on the tea you’ve chosen. Then remove the ball from your cup and enjoy. 

Keep in mind our teas can be steeped 2-3 times for your enjoyment.

The 2.1 inch diameter gives the tea plenty of room to expand in the ball, giving you the perfect cup of tea every time.

This mesh ball is easy to clean, as well. Simply open it up, shake the used tea out, and rinse well.