Winter Solstice Aromatherapy Spell Spray - The Clean Witch - 2.7 Oz

Winter Solstice Aromatherapy Spell Spray - 2.7 Oz by The Clean Witch

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Winter Solstice is a celebratory mix of cinnamon, clove, orange and rosemary essential oils. The scent immediately recalls holiday celebrations. Cheers.

Mark the changing of the seasons with aromatherapy for your home and wellbeing.

Spell Sprays are a highly concentrated magical mix of 100% pure essential oils, distilled water and intention. Absolutely zero synthetic fragrances or toxic emulsifiers. Shake before spritzing joy!


Our Sprays Don't Contain

NO! Synthetic Fragrances
NO! Formaldehyde
NO! Alcohol
NO! Phthalates
NO! Parabens
NO! Heavy Metals
NO! Aerosol

Absolutely Zero Negativity

Ingredients : distilled water, pure essential oils cinnamon, clove, orange, rosemary. 

Size : 2.7 Oz